About Easy One Pot Meals

The Reason for this Blog...

I'm on a mission. I have to confess that I am still learning to cook. I have been doing fairly well in my experimenting, so far, but my next confession is that I don't really like to cook, especially if there are a lot of ingredients, if it takes a long time, if there is lots of chopping and dicing, and then, lots of pots to clean up after it's all over. It's much easier to just make a bowl of cereal and a couple of pieces of toast. Heat up frozen dinners.

Or become close personal friends with Papa John's!

But of course, that's unacceptable over the long haul. So I am on a quest to beef up my repertoire and add some meals I can create easily. If I can find recipes with 3-5 ingredients, even better!

I'll be using the beanpot you see here and on the main page and I will chronicle both the successes and the misfires. Hey, if you know of some recipes I can try, let me know! Meanwhile, week by week, I'll let you know hwo it's going.

How many meals will I make each week? Hmm. I'm not sure. At least one, and then, I'll post about whether the leftovers were as good and what I will create next.

See you here on the blog!