The Reluctant Cook's Guide

~~The Reluctant Cook’s Guide for Homeschooling Moms (and other busy ones)~~

Your Guide to Quick & Easy Fabulous Meals Without All the Hassle You'd Rather Avoid!

A typical homeschooling day, especially with more than one child, requires careful scheduling just to get it all done. Homeschooling moms often feel the pinch of “not enough time” as all moms do, but in my own experience these past few years, once I had the curriculum planned and the school year began, what was stressful was trying to fit in healthy meals when there was so much else to do in our day.

Has that been your experience?

And for reluctant cooks like me, moms who know how important mealtime is but aren’t exactly “into cooking”, meal planning and preparation can be even more stressful.

If you can relate to what I am saying, then you might find my solutions helpful.

A Routine that Fits Your Life

Meal Planning Made Easy

Slow Cooker Salvation

Easy Recipes Even I Was Willing to Try

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