Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's the Mini 10 Challenge!

Can't wait to see who amongst our great big group of Ultimate Bloggers, plus any newcomers, will participate in this mini 10 challenge. Leave me a comment and say hello! Tell me about your blog...

This is a new blog for me, both for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and in general. I am chronicling my quest to find ways to cook with less hassle. I consider myself a beginning cook and a reluctant one because just reading a 15-ingredient recipe for something that takes 20-30 minutes just to prepare it, not even counting how long it takes to cook the darn thing, exhausts me!

As a sort of last-ditch effort, I have decided to try a beanpot. It is a slow cooker, stoneware, and it can go in the microwave, the oven and the dishwasher. That last one is particularly salient for me, because another thing I strongly dislike about cooking is washing pots and pans!

So as soon as my Celebrating Home beanpot arrives, I will be off on the grand adventure!

By the way, I have been reading a couple of blog posts by a fellow blogger at and she has issued a "six words" challenge. Hers is to use six words to describe your life. I was thinking maybe those of us participating in this challenge could use six words to describe our blogs.

Here are mine: slow beanpot cooking, making cooking easier. What are yours? Tell me in your comment...

See you tomorrow!



  1. new homeschooler, cool photos, fun crafts

  2. That's a challenge... I'm going to have to think about 6 words. :)

    I love your blog theme - easy crockpot meals rock.

  3. Creeksidelearning, those are great words. They make me want to go check out your blog, which I'm about to do! :)

    Michelle, thanks!! I agree.