Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here's What's Cookin': Hamburgers & an Easy One Pot Meal Bean Recipe

The Hamburgers

We just got through putting the hamburger in for lunch. I took a picture or two of my son mashing his in so it will cook faster :).

When the hamburgers come out, we will put the beanpot in and begin cooking the beans extravaganza. I found a three-ingredient recipe that involves two cans of baked beans, a cup of barbecue sauce and a fourth of a cup of dijon mustard.

The Beans

But I don't want to try that one because it seems like the flavors would be too extreme! Has anyone used a similar recipe?

I am planning to use the one I have done before on the stove and see how that translates for better or worse in the beanpot. Here's hoping for better!

I'll tell how it went on Thursday, and hopefully, if I remember, have pictures!!

See you then!


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